Billionare Tob Cohen was killed a few days ago by his wife, not 47 days

By Abraham Mutai via fb

Every mentally upright Kenyan and a person of reason will ask and ponder on the following issues at hand on the murder of Tob Cohen.

1. When I saw the body of Tob Cohen after it was retrieved from the septic tank, it was fresh. It doesn’t look like someone who was killed 47 days ago when he disappeared as DCI and friends of Cohen seemed to strongly insinuate. (If you need the pictures ask below In the comments section)

2. If a body is placed in the conditions Tob Cohen’s body was placed (septic tank) for 47days, if you retrieve that body, it will be decomposed. Fully. Or Atleast you won’t have half the body remaining. This can only tell you Tob Cohen was killed recently. Perhaps a few days ago. A week at most. That explains my earlier assertions that he might be alive somewhere.

3. Why would the DCI assume that he was killed the day he disappeared 47days ago only to find a fresh body? They even made some conclusions even before the autopsy.

4. We have reports and for that matter credible reports that the standard newspaper reported recently that Tob Cohen was seen in a club in Westlands at night with two women drinking silly a few days after He was reported missing. Doesn’t that tell you he actually was not killed the day he went missing? That he was somewhere having some good time?

5. If his body is fresh (not so decomposed as a 47day body in a septic tank should) it could only mean he was killed recently. It could mean he was in captivity for sometime before his captors decided to kill him.

6. If he was killed recently, it could mean Sarah Cohen was already facing investigations before he was killed. And if indeed Sarah killed him, why kill him while facing a murder charge? Why do it? To justify what? Or to achieve what? I’d you are holding someone captive and get accused of killing that person, do you kill him? Or you just let him go to avoid facing murder charges?

7. Why kill and dump the body where it will be found eventually and be easily tied to you? Even the most stupid person knows, you kill and dump in Amboseli like they did Yebei and Musando. Do you kill and place it in your own house to be found? Does that add up? Unless indeed Sarah Cohen is not mentally stable. Which I doubt of a woman running a multi-million business empire.

Critical thinking is rare. Those who do think critically are always labelled. I know many have by now labelled me. That I’m a sympathizer of ‘Sarah Cohen a murderer’. They have already judged her and found her guilty. On social media.